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OU theses and dissertations, online theses, are available via, open Research Online. Thesis dissertation or project is a research course that is a part of courses taken in fulfillment..
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Application essay medical school

application essay medical school

use of rhetorical questions is effective in this introduction, but I have reworked your original first paragraph to give it more style and verve. Paragraph 7, since you assert that your masters degree will be useful in your eventual work as a veterinarian, you need to explain why. In disbelief, I have witnessed the results of dogs being dragged behind snowmobiles, cats left out to freeze, horses starved to death, and innumerable puppies and kittens being thrown away like so much garbage. Army Corps of Engineers, I was far removed from my cubical in downtown Los Angeles. Unfortunately, experiences like it were not common. College application essays are important to winning over the admissions officers. GradeSaver provides the best sample college application essays in this premium content section.

In doing so, I form relationships with patients, thereby preventing disease and enhancing health while educating others. For access to 100 free sample successful admissions essays, visit. A fairly inexpensive and straightforward job by federal standards, but nonetheless I could hardly contain my excitement. As an intern, I assisted with client home visits and paperwork, facilitated HIV support group meetings, and gave lectures on important health topics.

You should add a word or two about the graduate courses you took. After taking additional classes and time off to work and regroup, I finally came across a poster for a masters degree program in Animals and Public Policy. Although I have not renounced my ultimate ambition of becoming a veterinarian, I know that XXXs program will allow me to develop expertise in an area that is personally important. Giving up meat was perhaps the most difficult thing I have ever done, yet I knew that proper policy-making had to start with personal sacrifices. When I was five years old, my grandmother asked me what I wanted to be when I grew. Strict federal construction guidelines laden with a generous portion of technical jargon danced through my head as I stepped up to the podium to greet the twelve tribal council members. Armed with the training garnered there, I aspire to realize my professional and humanitarian dreams, happy to have chosen medicine over a career as a taxi driver. As I aged, though, my career aspirations broadened to include fields like the social sciences, education, and the Spanish language. I have addressed this by connecting the two ideas with the following sentence: By understanding and shaping animal welfare policy, I believe that I will be able to leverage my knowledge of veterinary medicine to make a powerful case in defense of animal rights. See the new sentence I have proposed which addresses the new ecological concerns raised by industrial farming. From my experiences at the ABC Indian Reservation I realized I need more direct personal interaction than engineering offers. Throughout medical school, I found internal medicine increasingly appealing, particularly the broad range of pathology encompassed by the field.

I too found it personally gratifying to provide individuals with emotional support by holding an elderly womans hand as a physician drew a blood sample or befriending frightened patients with a smile and conversation. At Michigan State University, where I studied biobehavioral health, I involved myself in many health-care-related activities. 6 pages, 2763 words, imaging Techniques in Medicine Research Paper.