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The idiom Elephant in the room tells of an obvious truth that no one wants to discuss, alluding to the animal's size compared to a small space. Retrieved Originally..
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Family labour is the only source for labour in dairying. For borrowed funds, a real interest rate of 6 percent was used; for owners capital, the real interest was..
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Are pursuing an independent. Same dream when you're done, than two weeks before. The Graduate Writing Center. Denis feather: There are required to articulate a graduate degree in their..
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As a summary

as a summary

adj. 4) One sentence at a time. Instead, the Lift monitors posture all day long and gives a daily summary of performance. A summary can be tricky to write at first because its tempting to include too much or too little information.

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I have recently established a web site containing a summary of what actually will be done within the purview of our research. Imagine going to a bookstore or a library. See more synonyms for on. As an example of the differences in yield, a summary of the data for 1911 may be given. Summary, brief, digest, synopsis are terms for a short version of a longer work. If he or she does not, you may have focused too much on one area of the piece and not enough on the authors main idea. Chapter summaries are useful because they can help you recall a key event or character that you need to include in an essay or a book report. Identify areas that you do not understand and try to clarify those points. Early 15c., from Medieval Latin short essay on computer and its uses summarius "of or pertaining to the sum or substance from Latin summa "whole, gist" (see sum ). A chapter summary is a condensed version of the major action in a book.

as a summary

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