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Air pollution causes and solutions essay

air pollution causes and solutions essay

confused and sleepy. For example sulphate-rich precipitation reacts with limestone and is easily eroded. Environmental choices must be guided by a vision of a desirable human society and of the quality of the natural environment needed to support that vision. Many method have been used to reduce the effects of acid rain, one is to add powdered limestone to lakes to increase their pH values, however the only real effective and practical solution is to reduce fossil fuel consumption by using alternate energy sources that. Epidemics of water borne diseases would, then, be prevented from increasing at the source.

Biological pollutants mostly include allergens that can cause asthma, hay fever, and other allergic diseases. The major causes of environmental pollution. Heaps of mining waste are left behind and these waste often contain locke essay on understanding several poisonous substances that will contaminate the soil. Man has sadly created an imbalance between himself and nature. Vref1 titleThe Human Impact On Environment m dateNovember 2013 accessdate locationNottingham, UK Reference Copied to Clipboard. It is not new that smoking affects the passive smoker ranging from burning sensation in the eyes or nose, and throat irritation, to cancer, bronchitis, severe asthma, and a decrease in lung activity. It disturbs the balance of the ecosystem and causes health hazards. It allows only enough high-energy radiation to enter so that Vitamin D in humans can become active. The accumulation to these compounds in our atmosphere leads to irreversible consequences excess heating of the air and climatic changes all over the world. It is almost impossible to completely get rid of this noise pollution, yet proper legislation and public cooperation can greatly he in reducing. The focus is on source reduction and substitution chemicals with sale alternatives. But they also reflect light when released in the atmosphere, which keeps sunlight out and causes Earth to cool.

Industrialization has led to urbanization. Reckless and unplanned urbanisation, increasing pressure of the exploding population, commercial felling of the trees overgrazing and over cultivation by land starved peasants. A ll the nations of the world should work united to control environmental pollution.

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