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Essays main street sinclar lewis

essays main street sinclar lewis

is the opportunity to make over a planless middle west prairie town. After divorcing his first wife, Grace, Lewis married the journalist Dorothy Thompson in 1928. Main Street became somewhat of an overnight success and gained him international acclaim as a satirical novelist, and sold 250,000 copies of the novel in the first year of publication, he then began to write other novels such as Babbit, and Arrowsmith. She speaks with its members about progressive changes, joins women's clubs, distributes literature, and holds a party to liven up Gopher Prairie's inhabitants. So when you deal with a difficult situation, maybe your first instinct, like Carol's, is to change that situation. Maybe you want your friends to change their views about something. 4, the Sauk Centre High School still goes by the name in a tribute to Lewis.

essays main street sinclar lewis

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Carol Milford attends Blodgett College in Minneapolis and dreams about settling down in a prairie.

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In 1914 he married Grace Livingston Hegger and the couple moved to Long Island where Lewis worked for a publishing company and wrote two novels for young boys. Even though he became dissatisfied with college and dropped out, he eventually graduated from Yale in 1908. In the year 1903, Lewis was accepted into Yale University and moved east. Main Street and hadn't succeeded with any of them. Like Carol, Sinclair Lewis was no stranger to disappointment: he had written five novels prior. Carol's closest woman friend is Vida Sherwin, a high-school teacher, who later marries Raymond Wutherspoon. Dreams end and realism begins when Carol takes a thirty-minute walk, inspecting the town, north and south, east and west. Saint Paul, Minnesota, the state capital, but finds the work unrewarding. Percy Bresnahan, Gopher Prairie's multimillionaire native son, comes home for a visit and makes advances to Carol.

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