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How to add aphorism in research paper

how to add aphorism in research paper

is my own." A profusion of fancies and"tions is out of place in a love-letter. Nigel Rees, Why Do We Say?, 1987 The borrowing is often honest enough, and comes of magnanimity and stoutness. André-Marie Ampère They have written volumes out of which a couplet of verse, a period in prose, may cling to the rock of ages, as a shell that survives a deluge. Humphry Ward and the beloved Artemus of the same name! William Rounseville Alger, "The Utility and the Futility of Aphorisms The Atlantic Monthly, February 1863, commonly"d as "Proverbs are mental gems gathered in the diamond districts of the mind." Cunning authors cut to be"d. Forming a rich casket of literary pearlsthe best impressions of the best mindsthe lustre of which will never grow dim. Language is a city, to the building of which every human being brought a stone; yet he is no more to be credited with the grand result than the acaleph which adds a cell to the coral reef which is the basis of the continent. Reading Henry James, for example, I have muttered to myself, "C'mon, Henry, turn down the brilliance a notch, so I can get some reading done." I may be one of a very small number of people who have developed writer's cramp while reading.

how to add aphorism in research paper

Craig Venter.
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Gary Saul Morson, The Words of Others: From"tions to Culture, 2011 We who are"tious are never truly alone, but always hear the cheerful flow of remarks made by dead writers so much more intelligent than. William Rounseville Alger, "The Utility and the Futility of Aphorisms The Atlantic Monthly, February 1863 It is the habit of the mind to condense into diminutive, agreeable and striking forms the results of experience and observation in all the departments of life. quot;tion collectors don't even need to invest heavily in books of"tions anymore, thanks to the Internet. Fitzhenry, preface to The David Charles Book of"tions, September 1981 This collection is an idiosyncratic miscellany amassed during my lifetime in publishing, published with the conceit that I have reasonable discrimination and that whatever instructs, enlightens, reinforces, amuses, titillates or solaces me has some. George Herbert tg The hunter for aphorisms on human nature has to fish in muddy water, and he is even condemned to find much of his own mind. I imagine that the thrill of making an anthology includes the opportunity to become such a coauthor.

Or whenever we would prepare the mind by a forcible appeal, an opening"tion is a symphony preluding on the chords whose tones we are about to harmonise. Fitzhenry (19182008) tg Sources are not too reliable. In places this book is a little over-written, because Mr Blunden is no more able to resist a"tion than some people are to refuse a orge Orwell, review. So that if every person was there to claim their own, she would be left as naked as the jay in the fable; or as such a pye-bald author, say writer rather, say compiler, say publisher, say second-hand cook, who gives you a beggar's dish.

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