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Weimar republic problems essay

weimar republic problems essay

over Berlin. However America just wanted to keep its proximity to Europe put to a minimum. The German army was too small they couldn't even defend themselves. President could use this article in emergency situation and have law of veto. Then from Right-wing chaos-spreading we know about assassinations around 356 people, including 2 foreign ministers (Erzberger and Rathenau- who signed T of V). After right-wing revolt, Kapp putch, the judges sent only one person from 700 actors to the prison. The Weimar Republic face problems first because the Weimar constitution had weaknesses. The new government was associated with accepting military defeat- Anger was directed at them.

The votes were equal in the election stating that every 7 years the people could vote to change their leader if not satisfied with what they have and see. Treaty of Versailles and Reactions: The treaty of Versailles was the peace settlement signed after World War One ended in 1918.

weimar republic problems essay

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Three main reasons why Weimar republic became unstable were, that the economic situation was more than wrong, then that constitution had many mistakes and finally that the political situation caused many revolts, which caused general chaos in the state. He had special essay on jallianwala bagh in hindi powers (Article 48 of the constitution) to run the country by decree when there was a major crisis. Then doctor Wolfgang Kapp led group to revolt called Kapp putsch in 1920. Anger and disputes among the population altered the beginning of a big tension in Germany. The Freikorps were uniformed ex soldiers and young mean set up as vigilante gangs to fight against them. Mainly led by Luxemburg and Liebknecht.

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