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Essays on hip hop dance

essays on hip hop dance

in Hip Hop anymore. They are a contemporary urban dance movement. African American people lean on this particular art form to elaborate how, as a race we have been able to display our culture to mainstream America. Conclusions Hip Hop came out of a life people were forced to live in of poor healthcare, no money and no hope. The were adamant for their previously silent voices to be heard. In the music world it is very hard to not be a commercial product, and Hip Hop like many other genres has fallen into that existence. It reached a compromise with big business in which both sides used one another to get what they wanted. Thinking on the spot, being under pressure, being unpredictable and real in the moment as you do your thing, was one of the core skills originally associated with being a master of the form.

Essay about Analysis of Hip-Hop Dance and Reasons for Its Essay on Hip Hop Dance Free Hip-Hop Essays and Papers Hip Hop Dance Essay - 1468 Words The Origins of Hip Hop Essay - UK Essays

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What made Hip Hop dance so interesting when being performed in the Bronx was the ability to see such a range of new moves, new ideas, new ways of expressing. It seems to me that Hip Hop sold out. In this essay, I will analyze the categories and history of Hip-hop dance and discuss the reasons for its popularity. Sure the choreography might involve different steps, but it will almost definitely involve a focus on female dancers, carrying out a version of booty-shaking, torso popping and hair flicking. Such elements make this dance style amazingly explosive and truly informal. There is a lot more money involved, there is a lot more at stake, some say it is dead.

(Dropping Science 213) The school playgrounds, community parks and centres helped bring what were once gang enemies in the ghetto together. The gang experience and forced hard and strong persona they was almost required to be taken seriously among the streets can been seen of an influence in the dance of Hip Hop. Music videos are recorded, re-recorded, played with, special effected, deleted, you name.

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